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    Miami Emerging Technology & Arts (META) is an open-share collective on a mission to connect Miami’s brightest minds.


    We bring together Makers, Activists, Architects, Engineers, Designers & Artists in South Florida into a collaborative series of creative projects and special events.

    It is our aim to foster increased civic engagement and enable creative collaboration. Along the way we hope to inspire and educate anyone who joins us in the journey.

    Our projects traverse the uncharted territory where creativity, technology and activism intersect.

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    The Miami Tool Library aims to empower the local community with the tools to create and repair at a fair cost. Membership would be priced affordably, and workshops would be hosted to educate locals about ways and means for transforming their neighborhoods, and their lives.

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    Engage Your Desires (2016)

    Crafted as the Main Event for the Opening Gala of Filmgate Interactive conference in 2016, This project was a subversive event that portrayed itself as a sponsored corporate party, but was in fact much more.


    In reality, it was an immersive experiential dystopian madhouse with projection of appropriated public information on the Internet, with costumed performers, drones, projection mapping, VR mischief, Subliminal messaging, eavesdropping hackers, militarized police clowns and more.


    Think Timothy Leary (Leary’s Circumplex), Click-Bait, Privacy, Snowden, social media and the NSA.

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    A Parklet is a Parking Spot (for cars) that has been converted into a Park (for humans).


    The Miami Parklet Project wants to put them all over the Greater Miami Area. 


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     The Red Herring Project is a network of videochat terminals spread throughout Miami. While the frontend provides live 2-way audio and video streaming and recording that is free to the public, the backend generates a swarm of encrypted signals to distract the NSA from reading your emails.


    2017 Saw Unprecedented Growth in CryptoCurrency markets, and also a chilling series of natural disasters.


    We aim to address one by using the other.


    We're on a mission to connect Miami's brightest minds

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    New Technology + Interactive Storytelling + Creative Workshops

    Miami, FL


    FilmGate is all about creatives who want to learn, showcase their work, and take a week creating content with us. We have hosted 21 workshops and labs, showcased the works of 100 creatives, and have completed 80 creative projects during FilmGate Interactive. All this is done through the use of new technology and Workflows.  


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    Art + Cinema + Events

    Wynwood, FL


    O Cinema is a cutting-edge, non-profit, independent cinema with THREE locations in the greater Miami area- Wynwood Arts District, Village of Miami Shores & North Beach (Miami Beach). We showcase first-run independent, foreign, art, & family films.



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    Science + Technology + Education 

    Miami, Florida


    A powerful scientific, educational and career resource, MiaSci enriches the lives of South Floridians and visitors from around the world. With its real-life marvels, interactive exhibits, and exciting learning adventures in a state-of-the-art energy-efficient building, the new MiaSci introduces the basic concepts of science and technology. It also serves as a unique educational resource for people of all ages, cultures, and economic backgrounds.


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    Technology + Creativity + Design + Entrepreneurship

    Wynwood, Florida


    The LAB Miami is a campus for creative entrepreneurs. We converted a 10,000 sq ft warehouse i the Wynwood Arts District into a collaborative work and event space. It is a collision point for Miami's forward-thinking minds.


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    Tools + Community + Collaboration

    Little River, FL


    Miami Industrial Arts is a member workshop and social space opening soon in Little River.


    Come by and check out their facility at 300 NW 73rd Street anytime

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    Space + Design + Entrepreneurship

    Little River, FL


    A creative shared workspace for makers, artists, designers, entrepreneurs and everyone in between.


    Located in Little Haiti, we offer private and open memberships.

    We are a place for makers. One for creators. A place for all those above and between.

    We are a haven in Little Haiti where big ideas come to life.

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    Design + Prototyping + Research

    Miami, FL


    BYO-Lab is a design research studio and maker lab focused on promoting and nurturing the booming creative community in Miami.


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    Performing Arts + Education + Innovation

    Miami, FL


    Founded in 1989, Miami Light Project is a not-for-profit cultural organization which presents live performances by innovative dance, music and theater artists from around the world; supports the development of new work by South Florida-based artists; and offers educational programs for students of every age.


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    Design + Technology + Creativity

    Miami, FL


    We are a Creative Agency - we are designers, artists, technologists; creatives in every sense, and we believe that when what we do is truly good, it is knowable in much the same way as dark matter. It's not any one thing, but you know it when you experience it. We pull things together - people, artists, projects, ideas, experiences, things that matter; this is what we get to do every day, and we love it.



    To Each Other, Shall We?

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